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Featured Calculators & Generators

A/B Test

Determine if your A/B test is statistically significant.

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Balance Sheet

Generate a balance sheet for your company.

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Measure how much your business spends to acquire new customers.

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Calculate your compound monthly growth rate.

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Measure the percentage of email openers who click an email link.

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Google AdSense

Calculate your expected Google AdSense revenue.

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Income Statement

Generate an income statement for your company.

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Measure the relationship between customer LTV and CAC.

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Calculate the markdown price on your products.

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Calculate the ideal markup price on your products.

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Payment Fees

Calculate net revenue after payment platform fees.

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Calculate the post-money valuation of your company.

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Revenue Forecast

Calculate and visualize projected revenue of your business.

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Measure the efficacy of an advertising campaign.

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Calculate the value of your company's RSUs.

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Sales Commission

Calculate the commission amount from sales generated.

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Startup Equity

Calculate the value of your startup options and equity percentage.

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Stock Split

Estimate your shares after a stock split.

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Temporary Links

Create a temporary link with a message or link redirect.

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YouTube Revenue

Calculate estimated revenue for your YouTube channel.

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Level up your productivity and work more efficiently with powerful web apps

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Fast and easy calculators for business metrics, including LTV, CAC, ARR, CMGR, and more

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Create artifacts to share with others, like income statements, balance sheets, and a SWOT analysis

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Bookmark and reference cheatsheets for technologies like Excel, SQL, and Python

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Financial Statement Template Bundle

Get our downloadable financial statement bundle with customizable templates for income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.