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What is an RSU?

An RSU, or Restricted Stock Unit, is a form of equity compensation granted by a company to its employees. It represents a promise to distribute a certain number of company shares to the employee at a future date, typically once certain vesting conditions are met. RSUs do not have an immediate value and are subject to a vesting period, during which the employee cannot sell or transfer them. Once vested, RSUs convert into actual company shares. At that point, the employee can choose to hold or sell them on the stock market. The value of RSUs is tied to the company's stock price, so if it rises, the RSUs become more valuable.

The typical vesting schedule for RSUs is over a period of three to four years, with a one-year cliff. This means that no shares vest in the first year, but after one year, 25% of the RSUs vest. After the cliff, a portion typically vests monthly or quarterly until all RSUs are fully vested.

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