Analytics for Todoist

Productivity meets the power of data and AI. Get a comprehensive look at your Todoist task activity and analyze trends in your productivity.

*Must have a Todoist Pro account. Protoolio is not affiliated with Todoist.

Analytics for Todoist screenshot
Analytics for Todoist dashboard

Your productivity at a glance

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of your Todoist task activity. See metrics like completed tasks, completion rate, daily task average, most active project, and more.

Summarize tasks with AI

Get a glimpse of what's ahead. Our AI tool is like your own executive assistant and can summarize your upcoming tasks for the next 60 days.

AI task summary feature
Moving average chart

Insightful charts

See your task activity in the form of a heatmap, moving average bar chart, project breakdown bar chart, or a simple completed task bar chart.

Generate tasks with AI

Need help creating tasks for a new project in Todoist? Our AI tool can create a task template for any goal, making task planning much faster.

Generate tasks with AI feature

Free 7-day trial

Then $12/year

Simple pricing with a free trial period. A subscription gives you access to all features and priority customer support.

Frequently asked questions

We are not affiliated with Todoist. We are a third-party that uses Todoist's API to provide you with insights on your Todoist data.

We do not store your Todoist data. Our platform connects to Todoist's API to pull your task data and serve it to you. The data is then cached for a few minutes to improve your experience.

If we decide to permanently store your Todoist data in the future, we will ask for your permission to do so.

Refunds may be issued in certain circumstances solely at our discretion. To read more about our refund policy, click here.

Todoist limits the number of completed items returned via their API to 200, as outlined in their documentation. If the limit is reached in Analytics for Todoist, you will see zeroes in your chart data.

Some subtasks that you complete in Todoist may not be available via the Todoist API. In that instance, you may see fewer tasks completed in Analytics for Todoist than you see in your Todoist account. While we acknowledge this is an annoying discrepancy, we have no control over what data is returned from Todoist's API.

We are committed to improving the platform and adding new features that are useful to you. If you have ideas for features, please forward them to: [email protected].

Right now, Analytics for Todoist only has read access to your Todoist data. You do not have the ability to manipulate your Todoist data through our platform.