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Generate trackable URLs effortlessly with our UTM builder tool.

e.g. promotion, sale, etc.
e.g. newsletter, twitter, google, etc.
e.g. email, social, cpc, etc.
Any call-to-action or headline, e.g. buy-now.
Keywords for your paid search campaigns

What are UTMs?

UTM parameters are tags added to URLs to track the performance of marketing campaigns. They help identify the source, medium, campaign, content, and term associated with each link click. For instance, utm_source could indicate the specific platform where the link was shared (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), while utm_campaign might denote the overarching marketing initiative (e.g., summer_sale).

These parameters are crucial for marketers to analyze the effectiveness of their strategies, allowing them to pinpoint which channels drive the most traffic, which campaigns yield the highest conversions, and which messaging resonates most with their audience. By gaining insights into user behavior and campaign performance, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts, allocate resources more efficiently, and ultimately enhance their return on investment (ROI). In essence, UTM parameters serve as invaluable tools for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing marketing activities in today's digital landscape.


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