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This generator removes common stop words like "and" and "is".

What are best practices for URL slugs?

Best practices for URL slugs revolve around creating user-friendly, descriptive, and SEO-friendly URLs. Firstly, keep the slug concise and relevant to the content it represents, typically by including keywords that accurately describe the page. Avoid excessive length and unnecessary characters or special symbols. Use hyphens (-) to separate words instead of underscores (_) or spaces, as hyphens are more readable for both users and search engines.

Secondly, ensure that the slug remains consistent and static over time to maintain the integrity of the URL. Changing slugs frequently can lead to broken links and negatively impact SEO. Additionally, consider implementing redirects for any old or outdated URLs to prevent loss of traffic and maintain a positive user experience. Lastly, make sure to handle special characters and diacritics appropriately by converting them to their closest ASCII equivalents or removing them altogether to avoid encoding issues and improve accessibility. By following these practices, you can create URL slugs that enhance both user experience and search engine visibility.


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